Tribal Faces of India

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Balerla Tribe ( Sub Tribe of Bhil ) - MadhyaPradesh - This is a portrait of a woman belonging to Barela Tribe. The speciality of this tribe is the traditional costume of Barela women. The women wear half sleeves tops which have two pockets at the lower end of the front portion of the top.Her faint color close neck blouse with small prints is easily going with the design of her ornaments. Head scarf with designed border is proportionately placed and confidently carried by her shows her age. As to a new young girl or married girl to maintain head scarf is always difficult. The Barela women are also well known for wearing heavy jewellery ( ornaments ) made up of silver, aluminum or German silver. Zumka’s (typical hanging earrings with floral design), a woven beaded necklace with silver/aluminum coins attached, a chain, and necklaces of colorful beads. The most beautiful ornament around her neck is half opened and highly artistic necklace which is mainly seen to be used by the Bharela tribal women and not other. Nose pin is a typical Indian tradition and women in several part of India use it at large. A bindi/sindoor (Tikka) is applied mainly by married women. Beauty of this picture is her relaxed mood and satisfactory smile. It speaks a lot about her happy life at this age.

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