Varli ( Warli ) Tribe - Maharashtra - Warli artist making a Warli painting . Warli painting artists paint extremely rudimentary or monosyllabic wall paintings using circles , triangles and squares. Warli art is two dimensional , with no perspective or proportion , simple , linear and with many triangles , humans and animals are represented by two triangles joined at the tip . Dots and crooked lines are the units of these compositions . The circle represents the sun and the moon . The triangle is derived from mountains and pointed trees . The square indicates a sacred enclosure or a piece of land , and thus is the central motif in each ritual painting . The themes shown in the paintings range from hunting , fishing and farming , to weddings , festivals and dances . The central motif ( chauk or square ) is of two types , Devchauk and Lagnachauk . Now a days Wali paintings are made on canvas , and handmade paper with paint .

Varli (Warli )Tribe - Maharashtra

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