Garasia Tribe - Rajasthan - Old woman in her traditional costume wears an exquisitely embroidered top with cloth flowers on sleeves . Sometimes husband's name is embroided on the sleeve . The odhni is draped over the head . Several silver ornaments are own . Tattooing in common amongst both men and woman . Woman hold a secondary position in society . They wear veils in front of older male relatives . Young men and women have the freedom yo choose their partners . A couple can live together without getting married . The community also follows the tradition of joint family system. Garasias practice cultivation are mostly vegetarian and do not consume liquor . Their houses are made of mud and bamboo . They revere various deities and have faith in spirits , ghosts and black magic . The community has a rich culture of tribal songs and folk tales , a wide range of musical instruments are used as accompaniments .

Garasia Tribe - Rajasthan

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