Dongaria Kondha Tribe - Odisha - Tribal old woman in her traditional costume . In Kondhs girls have their nose and ears pierced when they are still babies . This custom is not simply for decoration but also provides protection against evil spirits that might otherwise penetrate the body's openings . Dongaria Kondhs speaks kuvi language . Dongaria Kondha are very famous community in Odisha and they are well known for their simplicity , quickness in observation and sensibility . Both men and women are quite fashionable in their personal adornments , that makes them attractive and distinguish them from others . The Dongaria Kondha woman use two pieces of cloth ( Kapda Gandaj , each , 3 - 4 feet in length and one and half feet in width . The first piece is wrapped round the waist with a knot in the front . The second piece covers the upper part of the body , like an apron . . They are expertise in Horticulture

Dongaria Kondha ( Dongaria Kondha ) Tribe - Odisha

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