Varli ( Warli )Tribe - Maharashtra - Warli tribe is world famous for their unique style of painting. They use only two colors to complete paintings. Warli women are actively involved in these paintings. These paintings always painted on the plain wall. The border, peacock, plants, dancing images, images of working women and daily use art facts are objects that they use in painting. The attire of both women is cotton sari wrapped up to knee length. They have wrapped towel across waist . Usually tie a bun of hair with a flower in it. It is just a part of decoration. The above picture is painted as there is marriage ceremony in the house. The name of groom and bride is also seen mentioned. Tribal paintings are ritually drawn within a given cultural context , to meet a cultural need . The :Devchowk " painting of the Warlis ( Varlis ) in Maharashtra serves as a fine example . The Varlis (Warlis ) are one of the major tribes of Maharashtra , predominantly found in Thane and Nashik districts . They are also found in southern part of Gujrat state . Their dialect is Varli (Warli ) .According to 2001 census the Varlis ( warlis ) population is 6,27197 in Maharashtra.

Varli Tribe - Maharashtra - Varli Painting - DSC_9986

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