Bhil Tribe - Madhya Pradesh - This Bhil tribal man is coming from a tribal weekly market after buying a big size bamboo grain basket for storage . The art of basket making is prevalent in tribes of India so also practiced in smart cities in India. The man carrying a big basket is a grain-holder. It is made up of bamboo and get layered with mud and cow-dung. This layer is to keep grain safe from the reach of rats and insects. The lid of this grain holder is also made of bamboo. Cereals are preserved during October - November month to use it during monsoon. Monsoon in India is very mush uncertain. The activity of preserving cereal is still practiced in all over India. This man in the photo is wearing a unique style dhoti. And to wear a silver ring in left ear is a tradition of his tribe.

Bhil Tribe - Madhya Pradesh

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