Andh Tribe - Maharashtra - Andh farmer with his Family ready to go to the weekly market to sell their rice stock . An Andh male wears a dhotar , a kurta ( shirt ) , a bandi ( short waist coat ) and The traditional a pataka or pagote ( turban ) or a topi ( cap ) . The Woman wear a nine yard saree ( lugade ) and choli . Andh woman gets her forehead , chin and cheeks tattooed . The traditional occupation of Andh is cultivation , food gathering , hunting and fishing .Now a days most of Andh people have started working as agricultural and daily wage lobourers .The Andhs worship a number of Hindu deities such as Maruti , Mari-ale , Mata , Bhivsen , Waghmai , Kanhoba and Bhavani .Dindarane dance , Kalapat dance are the two major traditional dances of Andhs .Instruments such as drums ( Dhol ) , and crymbals are played during these dances .

Andh Tribe - Family - Tribal Livelihood

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