Baiga Tribe ( Pvtgs , Primitive , Particularly vulnerable tribal group) - Madhya Pradesh - The vanishing tribe - Beautifully tattooed Baiga tribal woman smiling in a Baiga tribal village in Madhya Pradesh . Baiga tribal woman is famous for body tattoos . Tattooing is a mode of body decoration . The tribes consider it as a decoration of body or ornament that remains throughout life . After death , this is the only ornament that goes along with the body . They treat the tattoo marks as worthy of social importance . The main purpose of tattooing , however , is protective , the tattoo acts as defense against the forces of evil that are believed to be constantly active and attempting to gain advantage over the unprotected humans causing misfortune , illness or death . Woman tattoos document her progression through various stages of life , from puberty to marriage to pregnancy .

Tribal Tattoos For Personal Decoration & Beautification

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