Tribal Livelihood

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Bhilala Tribe ( Sub Tribe of Bhil ) - Madhya Pradesh - Tribal woman busy in making ropes . She is engaged in making a rope out of molasses of paddy. Some of it they use for personal purpose and excess they sell in the weekly market-haat. Bamboo and cow dung is a medium of construction of the house in the background. She is wearing a navy blue color sari and yellow color blouse. Her bangle matches with her blouse. Her style of sari draping is similar to a north Indian tradition. She barely is wearing any ornament. It is clearly visible that the floor on which she sat is sculpted with cow dung. In India cow dung is considered as a sacred and also contains medicinal properties. This makes its excessive and at large use in Indian villages. Bhilala is the ethnic community spread across several parts of India. Their language is also called Bhilala; belongs to Indo-aryan family .