Tribal Livelihood

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Baiga Tribe ( Pvtgs , Primitive , Particularly vulnerable tribal group - Madhya Pradesh - Tribal Baiga Woman is carrying Fish-Catching instruments with her. These methods of catching fish are age old and extremely efficient. These traps are left on the fishing spot for few hours which yields them 2-3 kg fish. They make this trap by themselves. Fish is main food of Baiga tribe. They keep some part of this catch and remaining sells in the market. Apart from catching fish she also works as daily wage worker. This women in the picture except her blouse all cloths she wore are daily wear of men. She is wearing metal bangles. Even shoes worn by her are of men only. The beauty of her clothing style is that she has wrapped her torso in piece of cloth called ‘Lungi.’ Baiga tribe is one of the major tribes in India .

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