Tribal Costumes

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Paroja/ Parja/ Paraja Tribe - Odisha ) - Paroja/ Parja/ Paraja tribal woman , sells pulses and cereals in a weekly market . She is wearing a bright orange color sari and a towel ( Pancha , Piece of Cloth ) on her head in a traditional tribal style . The tribals have developed their own methods of calculating measures . The Paroja/ Parja/ Paraja is a small tribe living in Koraput and Kalahandi districts of Odisha . They speak Dravidian language called Parji . The society is patrianchal , the Paroja/ Parja/ Paraja village functions as an independent autonomous unit . Marriages between members of the same clan is prohibited . Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy . The Parojas / Parjas / Parajas worship a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses as well as their ancestors .